Boxed Sets

Player's Kit
Item Code:  95392
Author:Monte Cook, Jonathan Tweet & Skip Williams
  Player's Handbook v.3.5 (320-page perfect-bound book)
  Quick Start Character Creation (8-page booklet)
  Quick Start Game Rules (8-page booklet)
  Solo Adventure (8-page booklet)
  Read This First! (single sheet)
  Character Record Sheet (single sheet)
  Polyhedral dice (10)
  Cardstock support
The Movie Adventure Game
Item Code:  11711
Type:Core rules
Author:Jeff Grubb
Published:Scheduled for 2000
Notes:Picture and text from September-December 2000 Catalog:
  Beyond the final scenes of Dungeons & Dragons: The
  Movie lies an entire world of swords and sorcery waiting
  to be discovered. The ideal first purchase for moviegoers
  curious about the game behind the film, this boxed set contains
  everything you need to learn and play the Dungeons & Dragons
  game, including game statistics and background material for the
  major characters and setting of the movie.

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