Original Dungeons & Dragons Boxed Sets

Dungeons & Dragons 3-Volume Set
5th print
Item Code:  2002
Type:Core Rules
Author:Gary Gygax & Dave Arneson
Format:Boxed set
  Volume 1: Men & Magic (36-page book)
  Volume 2: Monsters & Treasure (40-page book)
  Volume 3: The Underworld & Wilderness Survival Guide (36-page book)
  Reference Sheets (20-page book)
The Original Dungeons & Dragons Medieval Fantasy Wargame
Premium Reprint
Item Code:  A4539
Type:Core Rules
Author:Gary Gygax, Dave Arneson, Rob Kuntz, Brian Blume & James Ward
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Format:Wooden box
  Introductory letter (single page)
  Book I: Men & Magic (34-page book)
  Book II: Monsters & Treasure (40-page book)
  Book III: The Underworld & Wilderness Adventures (36-page book)
  Book IV: Greyhawk (66-page book)
  Book V: Blakmoor (56-page book)
  Book VI: Eldritch Wizardry (60-page book)
  Book VII: Gods, Demi-Gods & Heroes (56-page book)
  Reference Sheets (20-page unstapled book)
  Polyhedral dice (10)
  Cardstock support pieces (4)

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