Boxed Sets / Core Rules
Accessories Adventures

3002    Gamma World
1st Edition

6501    Referee's Screen and Mini-Module

7503    GW1    Legion of Gold
7502    GW2    Famine in Far-Go

7010    Gamma World
2nd Edition

6502    (GWAC1)    Referee's Screen
7507  GWAC2  Player Character Sheets

7504    GW3    The Cleansing War of Garik Blackhand
7505  GW4  The Mind Masters
7506  GW5  Rapture of the Deep - cancelled

7010    Gamma World
3rd Edition

7509  GW6  Alpha Factor
7510  GW7  Beta Principle
7511  GW8  Gamma Base
7512  GW9  Delta Fragment
7513  GW10  Epsilon Cyborgs
7514    GW11    Omega Project - cancelled

7514    Gamma World
7515    Gamma Knights
4th Edition

7517    GWA1    Treasures of the Ancients
7518  GWA2  The Overlord of Bonparr

7516  GWQ1  Mutant Master
7519  GWQ2  All Animals Are Equal
7520    GWQ3    Home Before the Sky Falls

11629    Alternity: Gamma World Campaign Setting
5th Edition

WW17250    Player's Handbook
WW17251  Game Master's Guide
WW17252  Machines and Mutants
6th Edition

WW17253  Out of the Vaults
WW17254  Cryptic Alliances & Unknown Enemies
WW17255    Beyond the Horizon

25460    Gamma World Roleplaying Game
25461  Famine in Far-Go
25462  Legion of Gold
7th Edition

25463    Booster Pack

      Trouble in Freesboro

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