Boxed Sets / Core Rules
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魔域奇遇 (Set 1: Basic Rules)   金殿降魔 (Palace of the Silver Princess)
3rd Edition
玩者手冊 (Player's Handbook)
地下城主指南 (Dungeon Master's Guide)
怪物图鉴 (Monster Manual)

玩者手冊3.5版 (Player's Handbook v.3.5)
地下城主指南3.5版 (Dungeon Master's Guide v.3.5)
怪物圖鑑3.5版 (Monster Manual v.3.5)
4th Edition
角色扮演游戏起始包 (Role-Playing Game Starter Kit)

玩家手册 (Player's Handbook)
地下城主指南 (Dungeon Master's Guide
怪物图鉴 (Monster Manual)

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